We help architects, engineers and owners to solve acoustical concerns in existing and proposed projects.

Everyone benefits from solving an acoustical issue early in the project, avoiding increased cost of remediation at a later date.

Our clients receive the expertise and guidance to make informed decisions about acoustic issues impacting their project.

Projects range from restaurants, hotels, medical facilities, transit stations and a telecommunications center to residential infill developments near railroads and airports.

A project often begins with short- and long-term precision sound level measurement of existing conditions. These measurements provide data for sound spectrum analysis and sound level contour maps, which can help pinpoint noise remedies, and predict future sound levels, both inside and outside buildings:

Architectural Acoustics (room acoustics or building acoustics) involves the scientific understanding of how to achieve a good sound environment within building spaces. It typically involves the study of reverberation, sound absorption, speech intelligibility, speech privacy and music quality in rooms and larger assembly spaces.

Environmental Acoustics is concerned with noise and vibration caused by railways, road traffic, aircraft, industrial equipment and recreational activities. We help mitigate levels of environmental noise to an acceptable indoor standard, which in residences is 45 dB(A).

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